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Needs Statement

How Todos Juntos Reaches Families: The Center provides three core programs: English as a Second Language instruction for adults, Early Childhood Education, and a "Mami & Me" program where parents learn about child development and interact with their children in a variety of educational activities. The Center partners with over 30 local organizations to meet families where they're at and meed the needs they have.

Why Todos Juntos' Exists: Todos Juntos was created as a way to reach parents and their children earlier in life when brain development and family bonds are most critical. We exist to connect the disconnected and to create a community where the whole family is supported and engaged.

Why Todos Juntos' Dual Generation Work Matters: A child who is prepared for kindergarten is four to five times more likely to pass state reading and math assessments by the 3rd grade. Studies show that $1 invested in quality pre-K education saves taxpayers $9 in future costs. And there is a growing consensus that children cannot thrive in homes where parents struggle to make ends meet, and low-income parents cannot succeed without meaningful support for their children. Todos Juntos is the first (intensive) step on a family’s path to new opportunities.

What Our Students Are Saying

Since enrolling in English classes here, I am more secure, I understand English better, and when I need to speak it, I speak it with confidence. My twin boy's language is also developing and now they can communicate their needs. My older kids see me doing homework and attending classes and that motivates all of us to work harder! - Dalia, ESL student, and mother of ECE student

Sometimes life leads us in directions that are beyond our control and suddenly we are in another country, listening to a different language. We feel disoriented. It is those times when you just need someone to help you. This is what the Center did for me. - Amparo, ESL Student

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- Show Commitment: A strong base of monthly donors helps us secure grants from foundations because it demonstrate that the community is committed to our mission

- Make It Easy On You: It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your donations for a whole year to make a lasting impact on children in Central Texas